Friday, November 5, 2010

My Romance with Pencils

Writing fascinated me when I was twelve years old and still does today. From the beginning, I’ve associated pencils with successful writers. Writing with pencils gives me satisfaction my laptop only envies. Until today, I’ve never examined my romance with pencils. So, why do I love pencils so much?

Pencils always work. Even when the electricity cuts out, my pencil still writes. I can write with pencils while I’m in my car, on a plane or sitting under a tree at the park.

Pencils never catch me off guard.  I despise picking up a pen and finding that the ink chose to run out at the time I needed the writing tool most! Pencils are straightforward and honest…you can see when they’re done doing their job.

Pencils forgive. Well, at least their erasers do! I’ve always appreciated that I can change my writing by simply erasing my mistakes and ideas.

Pencils are affordable. Although no longer my main reason for using pencils, a time existed when their affordability meant a great deal to me.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different pencils and my current favorite is the Mirado™ Black Warrior pencil with its soft lead, rounded barrel and sharp point. My friend and second favorite chef, Matt Bolus, prefers Ticonderoga™ pencils. Honestly, I can’t fault any man who loves pencils almost as much as I do!